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7 Ways to Use Your Career Break Effectively!

“There are 7 days in a week and someday isn’t one of them!” You plan to do a zillion things in your finite lifetime and park it for someday. Well, over time the lid has to go off the pressure cooker and you start thinking if you should really take a break from your career. After all, speed isn’t the only thing left in our life to gain. There is certainly more to life than chasing money, career and position.

We give you 7 things you can do with your time when on a career break,  (if you finally do take it!)


#1 Spend time with kids

Family and kids need the most of your time. You may want too see how your kids friends are, how your kids have adjusted their life around the support while you were away at work. Some of their activities may have been restricted due to your absence at home, like going for a musical instrument class because it is far for your kids to travel on their own.

My City Woman's blog on how to utilize career break


#2 Travel

Travel is a great teacher and an equally awesome stress buster. Travel around the places you so wanted to explore all your life.

My City Woman's tips on things to do on a career break

#3 Pursue a hobby

Do not die with a little voice inside of you that said “I wish I could!” If there is anything you always wanted to do but did not find time for it with your job, it is time to do it. Be it swimming or piano, enrol  and get going!

My City Woman's tips on how to utilize career break

#4 Start your business

If there is a business idea you always wanted to explore, it is time to do it. Just get started , meet up with people, organise and roll it out! It is now or never!!!

My City Woman's blog on exploring business ideas during career break

#5 Take up a new course

If you have plans of returning back to your job, and want to enhance your value once you join in, taking up a course may not be a bad option. You can do that second MBA from that coveted university you always wanted, or a leadership course you had been meaning to take up. This is going to enhance your corporate value as well.

My City Woman's blog on learning new things during career break

#6 Upgrade your skills

If you feel lacking in some way, some skill enhancement that makes you feel better in some way – you can use this time away from your work to do that.

My City Woman's tips to upgrade your skills during career break

#7 Reflect on your life

Reflecting on your life, thinking what you want and where are you headed, are some of the questions that you may reflect upon. Meditate for a while each day. Know your journey. Discover your life.

My City Woman's to do list while you are on career break

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