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7 Ways To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat

Women often face the lose bulging belly. It makes wearing most clothes awkward to say the least. And it is the most stubborn fat in the body to get rid of. Truth is more than exercise , your food intake is effective in reducing belly fat. We get you 7 ways on how to reduce weight around the belly that you have been itching to get rid of.


Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Water regulates the metabolic rate (read  fat burning)  in the body and drinking water to lose weight may hugely help your efforts.

My City Woman's tips on how to lose weight

Manage your dinner time

Your body’s calorie burning capacity is seriously slowed down at night. Avoid eating anything at least 2 hours before bedtime.

My City Woman's blog on reducing belly fat

Eliminate sugar in your diet

This one is a big NO. The major culprits are sugar in liquid form like the sports drink, aerated drinks and packaged  fruit juices that are loaded with sugar.

My City Woman's secret to reduce belly fat by eliminating sugar

Increase your protein intake

Protein in your diet will improve your metabolism rate, make you feel less hungry by 60%. Include dairy products like tofu, milk and curd, egg white, fish, sea food in your diet. For vegetarians, follow the food guide below:

Nuts like pine nuts, roasted almonds, cashews, pistachios

Milk products like cheese, milk and yogurt

Vegetables like spinach, potato, broccoli

My City Woman's secret to reduce belly fat by increasing protein intake

Reduce carbs from your diet

The refined cards are a killer. Say NO to white bread and pastas. Increasing your protein intake simultaneously will help in reduced cravings and help reduce fat faster. Low card diet also reduces organ fat around liver and kidney in the body.

My City Woman's secret to reduce belly fat by reducing carbs

Include fibre in your diet

Not all fibre is helpful in reducing belly fat. It is the soluble fibre we are talking about. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet to help target the stubborn belly fat.

My City Woman's secret to reduce belly fat by including fibre content

Keep moving around

Aerobic exercise is very important to help you burn fat. Only doing ab-crunches will get you nowhere. So get up and get moving! Run, walk, swim – get moving to burn that fat. Again, low intensity longer duration exercise is less helpful when compared to high intensity, shorter duration ones.

My City Woman's secret to reduce belly fat by exercising


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