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7 Ways To Grab His Attention!

You have a huge crush on this guy and want to go out with him. The only hitch is that he doesn’t know you even exist! This can be the most crushing moment for a girl if you ask me. You dress well everyday and walk past him but he doesn’t seem to even notice you. We got you pointers so you get him to chase you, instead of the opposite. Read on for more.


1. Act indifferent –

Do not look over interested and overly eager to talk to him. Be subtle. Walk past him. If he is in the same class as you, ask him something about the teacher or schedule and walk by so he notices you. Initiate small talk and then move on.


2. Dress well-

You would improve your chances of attracting him. Look your best and smell good too. You would not like to put him off with your perp odour, would you.


3.Indulge in intelligent talk-

DO not talk about things you know nothing about. One of the ways to attract men is to show you got brains and talk sense.


4.Be fun and outgoing-

It’s kind of appealing to men if you come across as easy going and fun to be with. Sense of humour is not only for men, its true for women as well. Ease that stress on you when you are with him and crack a joke or two.


5.Be Yourself-

You would not want to get him with something that you are not. Try and be yourself. If it is meantto be, it would happen eventually.


6. Play hard to get-

If he asks you for coffee, do not say immediately. Wait on. If you are too easy for him to get, he might lose interest. Remember, men like the chase game!


7. Manage your body language-

Some of the basics of good body language can give him cue that you like him. Make eye contact when you talk. Smile and be receptive towards what he has to say. Touch hands occasionally. Tap his shoulder when you ask for something. See the situation and act appropriately as you move along. Just don’t make it too obvious, whatever that you do!


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