My City Woman's tips to survive the stay at home mom phase of your life

7 Tips To Survive The Stay At Home Mom Phase

Are you a stay at home mom (SAHM)? Do you feel you are gradually eroding yourself? Ok, “eroding” is a strong word. Putting it mildly, “losing yourself” or rusting your skill set as a career woman. We get you the tips to survive the stay at home mom phase of your life.

1. Read the newspaper regularly

It’s your window to the world. Do not restrict yourself to just the home and kids and familial responsibilities. Keep yourself updated of the world happenings too.

2. Do not take your time with kids for granted

Spending time with your kids isn’t the same as spending quality time with them. Make sure you do activities with the kids that’s enriching for them. Don’t just be.  Make a list of things you wanted to do with them when you were working and could not due to hectic work schedule. These may include reading a book to them, taking them to the play area, teaching them something new like baking or a musical instrument. Think of what your kids like.

3. Network

There are various communities on social media that help network with like-minded women. Network to stay connected. If they hold a workshop, see if you can attend. These keep you focussed and who knows one day you may start up on your own.

4. Exercise

Keeping yourself fit is very important. Do not neglect your body just because you are now a stay at home mom (SAHM).

5. Get your kids independent

A stay at home mommy does not mean you now have to do everything yourself. Teach your kids how to be independent. Let them eat, fix their home works and projects on their own. Save yourself from jumping into everything where you think kids need help. Allow them to be aware of their responsibilities too and let them ask for help. Ask questions like “Are you done with your home assignment?” Then step back and let them figure out.

6. Step out of the house

It’s a sudden transition really and nothing can prepare you to for a life of a stay at home mom. The entire life of a woman takes a 360 degrees turn. Every week, try and step out of the house on your own. Allow your husband to take over the kids responsibilities for a few hours. Join a yoga class, a dance class. Dine out by yourself. It is liberating and you would be surprise that the kids are doing just as fine!

7. Do not get depressed

Be aware that being a full time mom is very tough. It can get overwhelming at times to manage kids and household together. Talk openly about your frustrations with your family. Do not try to pent up emotions inside of you. Talk to a psychologist  if you feel. Remember that it is just a phase and in a few years when your kids are a little grown up, you will have more time to explore work opportunities too.


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