My City Woman's tips on how to impress a guy on first date

7 Things You Should Never Do On Your First Date

You have been rather upbeat about meeting this hunk of a guy. For days you have been thinking the best dress to wear, the lip colour to go with it, the right foot wear to match and thinking endlessly – Would he be what I want him to be?! Rhetorical questions pound your head and that day arrive when you meet him for an official date.

We get you sorted here so you get to impress him and make him want you!


1.Never Mention Your Exes

We all have a past but its prudent that you do not bring it up on your first date or risk not seeing him again!

2.Never Mention Marriage

If there is anything in this world that puts off a guy, it’s the mention of the word marriage – on the first date. If your relationship has to go to that level, it would. Marriage is not the ultimate goal dear.

3.Never Drink Too Much

Go easy on that wine and be in control of yourself when you meet him the first time. This one is a complete no-no.

4. Never Say It All

Let the woman in you evoke mystery in him – while you talk about yourself and things that you do or like to do, avoid revealing every aspect of your life to him.

5.Never Wear Revealing or Uncomfortable Dress

The trick is to dress for the occasion and look comfortable yet stylish.

6. Never Make Him Splurge

You would end up making yourself look like high maintenance if you order all the expensive dishes and drinks and later on let him pay the bill. Always offer to pay instead.

7.Never Stalk Your Guy

You’ve had a great date and look forward to meeting him again – Awesome. Drop in a line. Do not look desperate and do not stalk. Its gotta be mutual, isn’t it?

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