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7 Things That Children Teach Us Everyday

“While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about. ” Angela Schwindt.

Managing kids is no child’s play (no pun intended!). They can make us lose control, yell and scream, overspend many times and put us at our wits end many times. But here are 7 things that kids teach us every day. How many on the list have you noticed yourself? Check them out:

There is hope every day-

Kids have this hope in them that stretches like a rainbow over their thoughts. ” When dad gets home, we’d go out and buy that toy”. “Maybe tomorrow, Tina will be my best friend and say sorry for what she did today” . Their mind never seems to run out of hope for a better day – today or tomorrow.

Joy in simple things of life –

Everyday things bring a smile to their faces. An ice-cream is a heapful of joy! Going for a car ride is happiness. Playing with their favorite toy is bliss. They enjoy every moment as they come.

Forgiveness –

Have you noticed how easily children forgive? No matter how bad the fight has been with the friend, if he says sorry, its forgiven. They immediately put it behind them and re-bond with their friend.

Fearlessness –

Kids don’t know what fear is. If they are after it, they would go for it. These are fears like fear of failure, rejection, future. These are created by the mind and do not exist in reality. Kids are devoid of these negative emotions.

To live in present –

Kids do not worry about tomorrow or what the past has been for that matter. This erases the unnecessary stress it creates in our lives. As adults, we have to constantly train our mind to live in the moment and not worry about what the future would bring. The never-ending thought process drains us out mentally.

Speak the truth –

What you see is what you get – kids do not camouflage their true feelings and say as they perceive things. They do not know what diplomacy is and their world is free of hypocrisy.

Think out of the box –

Kids are not exposed to rules and barriers we create around ourselves later on in life. They think creatively and ingeniously. The power of imagination can solve the toughest of problems, be it at a workplace or in personal life.


We were all kids once. Wonder how we deprive ourselves of such pure qualities as we grow older in life. Time to take lessons from our kids ……

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