My City Woman's blog on 6 ways to tell you are a hypocrite

6 Ways to Tell You Are A Hypocrite!

Are you living a fake life? Do your actions and words match? Do you do everyday things that gives you true happiness? Or do you follow the “social trend” and go after it? Answer these soul stirring questions and find out for yourself!


#1 You think of yourself as a helpful and caring person

Do you ever step out of your air conditioned car to buy food for hungry children begging in front of you?

Today’s life is miserable. We may not shudder to spend thousand in a food court in a plush mall, but not think of buying simple food for the needy.My City Woman's blog on leading simple life


#2 You teach children traffic rules

Do you jump signals when you think no one is watching? Do you attend calls and text many a times while driving?

Well, your children are watching you all the time. They learn from you through your actions and not through the words you tell them.My City Woman's blog on how to practice what you preach


#3 You think you have a simple needs and do not spend much on yourself.

You splurge at the online shopping portals and shop like there is no tomorrow! Yet you keep saying that you live a simple life! Its time to think again!My City Woman's tips to practice what you preach


#4 You are a dedicated employee

You think of yourself as a honest and hard working employee. but do you sneak out to check that sale in the mall near your workplace?My City Woman's blog on signs of hypocrisy

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#5 You are overloaded with work in office

You say you have more on your plate than what you can handle – too many work responsibilities. But do you get time to check your social media updates. Do you get time to have extended coffee breaks with your colleagues in the name of networking. Only you would know where to draw the line between networking and killing office hours.My City Woman's tips on how to practice what you preach


#6 You teach your child to eat healthy

How frequent are your trips to pizzerias and burger houses? When you talk of healthy eating habits, do you apply it to yourself as well? Are you the perfect role model to your children when it comes to eating healthy?My City Woman's blog on converting talks to actions


You need to answer these for yourself. No one else has the right to judge you or your actions. So how well do you fare on these questions? Let us know in the comments below!

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