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6 Ways To Simplify Your Life

Ironically, living simple has become complicated. There is pressure and stress everywhere. People judge us all the time, in every situations. If becomes difficult, if not impossible to be yourself and think straight and do what one really wants deep inside.

We give you ways to untangle your thoughts and translate it into simple living.

#1 Spend Wisely

Watch what you buy.  Ask yourself- “Do I really need this?”” How many time would I use it?” Buying things makes you materialistic, you may tend towards hoarding things than using them. Refrain from this behaviour.

My City Woman's blog on how to keep life simple

#2 Help the needy

Charity does not mean spending a huge amount. It can be a simple gesture too.  You can keep small food packets of biscuits and dry food in your car to give to the needy. How does it help?

  • Its inexpensive.
  • It would make you feel brave and good about yourself.
  • You would teach your children empathy.
  • It doesn’t hurt to be kind to anyone.
  • You count your blessings in life subconsciously.
  • Makes you grounded to your reality.

My City Woman's blog on leading simple life

# 3 Planning a fun day out with family -Change your strategy

Instead of planning to spend the day at the nearby mall, head towards the nearby garden. Play with your kids. Teach them how to ride a cycle. Run with them. You would enjoy more. The real fun of life is in living, not spending.

My City Woman's blog on how to uncomplicate your life

#4 Trust yourself more than others

Each one of us are born to fulfil our own purpose in life. These cannot be collaborated efforts from your friends, family, spouse. Learn to depend more on yourself than others. It would make your thinking more sorted than follow what others think of you or what others do.

My City Woman's tips to simplify your life

#5 Practice integrity

While we may teach others around us including our children what is the right thing to do, we forget to apply it to yourself. Quit taking short cuts in life and follow what you preach. Not only your self esteem improve, you would also become a great role model for your children.

My City Woman's tips to lead a simple life

#6 Be more accepting

Prejudices and biases cloud our thinking and our actions. Learn to accept imperfect situations and imperfections in people. You may not know their reality and got no right to judge them based on your morals.

My City Woman's tips to uncomplicate your life


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