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6 Things My Kids Teach Me Everyday

Growing up can sap out a lot of “good things” we used to do as a child. We forget and move past simple pleasures of life and get busy with stuff that don’t even matter. Useless thoughts and hesitations preoccupy our minds and we make our own life complicated.

Motherhood gets us a chance to peep into that life long gone by. We can relive our childhood, or even better, though our kids. Here are the things my kids teach me every day:

My City Woman's blog on Kids do what they love#1 Do what you love

Have you seen how kids immerse themselves in doing what they truly love. As for us adults, we forget to do what we love the most. Painting, singing, reading, whatever our passions be, many of us drop it to get busy with mundane household and career obligations.


#2 Speak as you thinkMy City Woman's blog on Kids Speak their mind

Ah, no manipulations! Kids tend to speak their minds and hold no grudges against anyone. Wish it would be a treat to have everyone around us, including ourselves to have a clean heart and say what we feel and think.


My City Woman's blog on Kids think out of the box#3 Think out of the box

Creative thinking is one of the most special things- it can make life simpler and living easy. Many of the “out of the box” ideas come from unconditioned thinking.  Adults confine their minds into “this is the only way to do it”. We often stop thinking of other possibilities because we are taught in a certain way. Kids are new to many things and think creatively.


#4 Live in the momentMy City Woman's blog on Kids teach us to live in the moment

Kids live in the moment. When they are at something, they get engrossed and do not think of what is going to happen next. We forget this basic living principle and more often than not, our mind glides from the present and starts to fret about the future or even analyse past for no particular reason.



#5 Love unconditionallyMy City Woman's blog on how Kids teach us to Love Unconditionally

Kids just know how to love – parents, pets, friends. Their feelings are untarnished by perceptions of the world- “bank balance, expensive branded clothes, big car, well networked connection,  good looking”. They would just love you because they like you and share this special bond with the person.  Even if we have a tiff with them, they would not hold back- they would run and hug you and say “Ma, I love you” – is it not simple for us to do as well?


My City Woman's blog on kids have no fear#6 Don’t fear failure

Children have no fear of rejection or failure. They try new things, accept change more easily and do not have inhibitions that we develop as grown ups. Ever seen how a four year old dives in to the pool? Many of us who learn swimming much later in life find it scary- this fear is often conditioned into us and we begin to hold ourselves back from living life to the fullest.

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