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6 Things Girls As Kids Get To Hear From Parents

As kids, all girls get these to hear from parents at some point of time or other.

#1 Who’s that boy?

Whether it’s a boy coming to drop you at home or pick you up, parents have to know who that guy is.

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#2 Isn’t those shorts too short?

Wearing too short a short, get ready to hear those words, especially from Dad’s.

My City Woman's blog on things parents say to daughters

#3 This is just 90% marks, next time work hard to get those remaining 10% too!

Parents never happy with marks we get, they want the perfect score.

My City Woman's blog on things parents say to girls

#4 Your lips will turn black if you apply lipstick

Most parents do not approve of their daughters putting on lipsticks.

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#5 If you do not listen to us, we will send you to boarding school

Yea, this one is the ultimate threat that can make any kid feel sorry for whatever  they’ve done.

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#6 Is your homework over? How come you are reading Tintin still?

Home works are a huge mood spoiler for kids.

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