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6 Things Girls As Kids Get To Hear From Parents binäre optionen forum As kids, all girls get these to hear from parents at some point of time or other.

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#1 Who’s that boy?

forex handel automatyczny Whether it’s a boy coming to drop you at home or pick you up, parents have to know who that guy is.

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source My City Woman's blog about parents' concern for daughters

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#2 Isn’t those shorts too short?

source site Wearing too short a short, get ready to hear those words, especially from Dad’s.

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#4 Your lips will turn black if you apply lipstick

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#5 If you do not listen to us, we will send you to boarding school

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#6 Is your homework over? How come you are reading Tintin still?

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My City Woman's blog on your-children-a-re-a-reflection-of-you
This blog discusses how children learn from from the parents actions than instructions given to them. Here is a ready list of things to watch out for for effective parenting.
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