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5 Ways To Uncomplicate Your Life

Urban living can make life seem tough. People are not simple to deal with, a high cost of living, huge traffic and commute time all add to the burden of stress on all of us. Often we find ourselves wondering if life could be simpler! We re-teach you ways to uncomplicate your life and reduce stress on yourself.


Mantra #1 Communicate

Pent up feelings inside of you can drain you out. It also strains the relationship with the ones you love the most. On a daily basis, create a time say “dinner time” to communicate and bond with your family and the ones you love the most. Speak to them of things that bother you and hear their story as well.


Mantra #2 Unwind

Find time just for yourself. Meditate. Exercise. Listen to music. Do what makes you happy. Release the negative energy you may accumulate in a everyday living.


Mantra #3 Don’t spend beyond your means

Saving money has its own benefits. We all know about it. Save for the rainy day. Make coffee at home and talk to your spouse rather than walking into a coffee shop to talk. Splurging takes away the joy of doing simple things or even doing things simply. It reduces the value of things and takes you away from core essence of things – their like simplicity and genuineness.


Mantra #4 Be yourself

Do not add to your stress level by comparing your life to your neighbors, friends and all others around you. You never know what they are going through in their lives. A constant comparison can lead to envy, lower self-esteem and feeling of emptiness. Be yourself, live yourself and love yourself.


Mantra#5 Let it go

You cannot control everything in your life and of those around you. Let things be. Do not attempt to mend what isn’t broken yet. Find your peace in imperfection. This is life and is not meant to be perfect.

Manmita Gupta

About Manmita Gupta I am the founding editor of www.mycitywoman.com. By profession I am a financial analyst with over 10 years of work experience with firms like JP Morgan, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance, and DE Shaw. Like a lot of women who face the dilemma of choosing between their careers or being a full-time mother, I chose the latter. About a year into the career break, I struggled with an apt avenue to "do" something on my own and manage my young kids well too. At the same time, I wished to make a difference in others life. My City Woman offers me exactly the opportunity that I was seeking.

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