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5 Ways To Tell You Are In Love!

Love is blind and when the cupid shoots his arrows , the whole world looks fascinating. It is evident to everyone around you, except you yourself! How do you tell if you are in love – we give you definitive signs.

#1 You keep thinking or talking about him

He is on your mind every minute of the day. Even in your dreams you see him. He is the only topic you discuss and talk about with everyone around you. So yes, he has completely taken over you.

#2 You long to meet him/call him/text him

Oh yes! You are itching to grab your phone and give him a call. You want to hear his voice. You text him, probably that doesn’t make sense either. You find excuses to see him.

#3 You love yourself more when you are with him

Love often brings out the best in people. You like yourself more when he is around. You feel you are beautiful and long to get a look from him.

#4 You like him with all imperfections

He might have told you about his past, things he has done that he shouldn’t have, anything that someone else may not accept easily. Despite his weaknesses and imperfections, you love him. Your feelings for him are just the same. You like him more for he has been honest with you! Gal , you are hopelessly in love.

#5 You feel complete when you are with him

It is a feeling really, that you feel together you can conquer the world. You feel you two make a terrific team together and can cross mountains. You see yourself humming “Ain’t no mountain high enuf, there ain’t no mountain lo, ain’t no river wide enuf , that can keep me  from getting to you baby”!!!

Love is a beautiful feeling. There shouldn’t be any shame or embarrassment is accepting the reality. Love is a blessing that some may not even experience in their whole lifetime. If you are in love, enjoy every moment, be brave to bear every pain that comes with it and be happy life –  this is life this very moment.

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