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5 Ways To Get More Visibility At Work

Visibility at work is critically important if you want to get ahead and more importantly get what you want at work. Most of us work as part of large teams and shoulder similar work responsibilities.  Competition is stiff and the only way to get ahead is to shine brighter! Without much ado, I bring to you top 5 ways to get more visibility and popularity at workplace..

1. Ask for projects – 

Keep an eye out for management town halls and information circulated out from time to time like the quarterly business reports. See where the business is headed or if there is a big project coming on. Look out for projects that have senior management push. These are most likely to give you the visibility you want. To stay on top of the game , you need to be aware, in the first place. Take initiative and let your manager know that you are willing to take charge.

 2. Represent your team –

Look for opportunities where you can lead your team or represent them. This gives you visibility across teams and team leads.

 3. Interact with top management-

Look out for ways to interact with senior management. If you do, be prepared to ask smart questions about business , resources or business challenges. The recall value of the conversation is going to benefit you in the long run.

4. Have healthy relationship with your boss –

Your boss can propel opportunities in your direction faster, even before you can see it coming. Having a healthy relationship would ensure that you do not lose out on high visibility projects or interactions. Keep him or her in the know that you are interested in doing something beyond the regular work responsibility.

 5. Become a subject matter expert (SME) –

Know your job well? Project yourself as a SME. Organise and lead cross-department meetings for information exchange and talk your way through. Offer to train new joiners on the topic of your expertise.

In a nutshell, create a strategy in your mind and list down things that can be done at your workplace to get people and management to notice you. At the outset,  you need to shake yourself out of your comfort zone and ask for more responsibility. Ensure that the work you are doing is already perfect. This would make it easier for your manager to trust you with additional or high visibility assignments.

Let us know in the comments below if we were able to help you get effective results.

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