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5 Signs That You Should Look For A Job Change

Surviving the demands of a job in the corporate environment is not easy. The drag of the job may not make you see what is evident – that you are stagnating in your current job and need to move on for a better prospect either internally within the organization or externally. Here are 5 signs that tell you it is time to change your job.

#1 Your role has limited visibility

However good a job you do, if it’s too niche and is not on the top of the management priority, chances are it would get sidelined. To grow in any job, be in a role that is the core of the business. For instance, if there are ten products your firm sells and you sell a product which is niche and has limited market reach, your efforts may not seem material. Move towards the product that forms the core of the business or the one which has a better market potential.

#2 You feel bored, uninterested and trapped at work

Possibly you are the proverbial “square peg in the round hole.” Look for a more challenging role or assignment.

#3 Limited interaction with senior  management My City Woman's lists down the signs which indicate that you should change your job

If in your role you feel like no one cares, the only guy you get to talk is your immediate boss and interaction with senior managers is next to nothing, it’s time to head out to greener pastures and start job hunting.

#4 Doing secondary tasks

Do you see yourself the only one taking down notes, getting the projector ready for someone else’s presentation or collating things done by others, time to change your current job. If jobs such as these are slowly taking centre stage at work, it is alarming and its about time you stood up for yourself.

#5 Your boss is constantly watching you

You find your boss unhappy, monitoring you closely, finding fault with your work, sending you detailed emails on your performance or feedback in writing – these are not good signs and should not be taken lightly. Consider looking for a change of job.

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