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5 Reasons Why Mothers Should Work Too?

All over the world, women struggle to balance motherhood and pursuing a career of their dreams. Many drop out in favour of kids and family. Some try and return back to work and others start up on their own. But a majority of these mothers stay at home(SAHM) and tend only towards familial responsibilities. We at My City Woman! give them telling reasons why they should pursue an interest outside of their home.

Reason #1 Keep yourself sane

Lift your spirit up along with your perception of the world and people outside of the household. Get involved in something that you really love to do. You gain a purpose in life that is your own calling. There is no other feeling you would cherish more than being able to do something that you passionately love.


Reason #2 Kids will look up to you

Kids look up to their parents all the time. The fact that you do something productive is going to shape their mind and thinking in subtle ways and make them feel proud of you.


Reason #3 You gain self-confidence and self-esteem

Working on something that you love to do, meeting more people and getting positive feedback from them can boost your self confidence and self image. Remember, you are doing this for YOURSELF.


As a stay at home mom (SAHM), do not deprive yourself of the joy of creating and managing something of your own. If you have the will to go the extra mile, possibilities open up and opportunities knock at your door.

Reason #4 You empower yourself financially

Whatever you choose to do may add an additional income to your household and make you less dependent on others. You may also be giving employment to others. It’s a win-win for everyone.


Reason #5 You make a better momMy City Woman's blog on the benefits of working for a mother

Research has proved that women who work hound their children less for trivial things.  Children get more space to be themselves and eventually become more responsible for their things. This results in less frustration for moms and they too get a breather from daily chores to become better parents.


Wish upon a star!…

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