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5 Myths About Female Orgasm No One Told You Before!

Myth#1 If you do not have orgasm, you are not “normal”

Truth be told, only a third of women experience orgasm.  Some may not experience it at all. For some, they may peak out after a while. Every woman is different!

Myth#2  If you do not have orgasm, you are frigid

Inability to reach orgasm may be due to various reasons. Medications and many a times, oral contraceptive pills too can hinder orgasm.

Myth#3  If you do not have orgasm, you do not truly enjoy sex

A woman can enjoy sex, with or without orgasm. Period.

Myth#4  It is the partners fault if the woman doesn’t reach orgasm

Well, women should know their likes and dislikes and help her partner arouse her. Her partner cannot be held guilty for not being able to help  reach the orgasm.

Myth#5  Intercourse is the only way to reach orgasm

A woman may reach orgasm through manual or oral stimulation – intercourse may not be the only way.

It is important for women to be aware of what brings them more pleasure. It is equally important to be able to communicate with your partner freely to be able to enjoy a healthy sexual experience.


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