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5 Life Lessons We All Can Learn From Sunny Leone

Sunny is here to stay!

2015 saw Sunny Leone emerge as the most searched person on Google, fourth year in a row. Ahead of prime minister Narendra Modi. With forgettable movie stints, movies that no one goes to watch, what is it that intrigues the average Indian to look out for her.

As in India, the country that doesn’t like to talk about sex, or the mere mention of it that squirms them, it shouldn’t be a surprise though. In a country where politicians call upon a ban on condom ad citing it as indecent, Sunny’s ad in a condom commercial also met the similar fate. This isn’t the first time though that a condom ad got politicians and women social groups ruffled. But that story later. Right now it’s Sunny we need to focus on!

The attitude of Indians is more like besotted teenagers – wanting to explore sex, but not willing to talk about it. The mere mention of the word in our society is a taboo. The more Indians “run away” from talking about it, accepting it and getting on with life, the more difficult it would be for them to accept Sunny Leone.

But here again, acceptance or not, Sunny is here to stay! Not for her past, not for her “desi porn” website, but for her unputdownable attitude.  While we can debate on her past – judge her and condemn her, she is sure to go places in life – in general. The worst of situations brings out the best in people.  The infamous Bhupender Chaubey’s interview is a classic case in the point. The more obnoxious he got, the audience saw her emerge as a woman who is not sorry for her past. She showed us how to respect oneself irrespective of what people judge her to be. The confidence, self esteem and self belief is stuff that is worth emulating.

5 Life Lessons We All Can Learn From Sunny Leone


1.You are only as good as you think you are.

How you see yourself is how people perceive you to be. This is my learning from her. If you see yourself small, there is no way someone else going to take you as successful and strong or worth investing their time and money in.

2.Your self confidence is all you got in life.

If you lose that faith in yourself, there is little hope left for anyone else to trust you. Holds for Sunny and holds good for all of us. This faith can take us places in life and closer to the dreams so close to our heart. For the life to give you with open arms – what you want out of it and much more, learn to have that go-getter confidence in yourself.

3.People will always judge

No matter what you do, tongue would always wag, people would continue to judge you and talk unreasonably about you. To survive , thrive and succeed, continue to focus on your work. This sense of focus is the cornerstone to success. If you tell her  how she would continue to be best remembered as just a sex symbol in India with the roles she portrays on celluloid, she says ” Porn or Bollywood, proud of what I have done in my life and I like to see myself as an entertainer”. This is a kick-ass attitude one needs to aim for in life to succeed.

4.Never succumb under pressure

Grace and calm composure will help you stay afloat in life. When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade out of it! Learn to take that stress in your stride and success would come knocking on your door. Had sunny walked out of that interview in sheer contempt, she may have made headlines for her arrogance!

5.Make the most of life

How many times does it happen to us that we hate that boss, hate that colleague, hate that presentation or that project. Learn to make the most of what life has to offer and you shall be rewarded, well eventually!  Pick up thing that you are good at. Become a SME (subject matter expert) at it. Play on your strengths.  Sunny does it too… focussing on what she is good at and leaving the rest of the world behind her.

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