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4 Workplace Mistakes to Avoid

Even if you are a long standing employee of your firm, one can easily fall trap to these workplace blunders. Stay away from these and see your career flourish.

#1 You do not negotiate your salary

Negotiating salary is still considered a taboo at workplace. If you think you are underpaid than the industry standards and due for a raise, do not be afraid to approach this topic in your next performance review with your manager. To negotiate effectively, research on what people in similar profiles like yours expect. According to a survey conducted by PayScale Salary Negotiation ,

  • 43 percent of the respondents have ever asked for a raise in their current job.
  • 28 percent of these were uncomfortable negotiating salary and
  • 19 percent did not want to be perceived as pushy

The trick is to highlight your achievements alongside company’s performance. Have all statistics ready with you when you sit down to negotiate. By all means, keep it professional and do not take it personally if you get a “No” from your manager.

#2 You do not network

Being good at your work is great, but do not under estimate the importance of networking.  It is critical for people of other teams to know you as much as senior leaders in your organisation to know that you exist. Do not skip town halls, skip-level sessions and any other such events taken organised by your organisation with senior management. Remember to go prepared and ask relevant questions. This way you increase your recall value too.

#3 You do not highlight your achievements

Big or small, it is important for you to highlight your achievements. If you sit down for half yearly and yearly appraisals and think of them, there is a high probability of you missing out on many of your accomplishments. Develop a habit of chronicling your feats. This way you have a ready reference and can easily highlight them in your one on one with managers and in performance appraisals.

#4 You gossip at work

Speaking ill of your colleagues to your co workers can tarnish your own image at work. Learn not to talk behind other peoples back. Instead, talk on productive matters pertaining to work.

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