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3 Values To Teach Your Kids

Among a host of values we as parents want to impart our kids with, there are 3 that will hold their hands when they are ready to face the “real world”. It is my own personal list that I would like to share it with all of you too!

Value #1 Humility

Every time your kid makes a jest out of his classmate who couldn’t get his spelling correct, and how he himself scored a 10 out of 10, its time to teach her about being humble. A 6 year old to a senior executive in a large MNC, if they lack humility we immediately go on to blame their upbringing. Don’t let your kid become one too.

Value #2 Frugality

Truth is we give our kids so much for them to be comfortable, they lose the value of things in the process. A toy is not sufficient. They want more. A new dress will not do. They want more. No matter how much you earn and save for them, it is never going to suffice for them if they do not understand the importance of resources. Teach them to save. Teach them how hard people work to get food , to prepare food and earn money. They need to be sensitised at an early stage to grow up as responsible members of the society.

Value #3 Empathy

If there is something totally lacking in this world today, it is empathy. People do not value others feelings. Feelings with which they do something. But WE are the People! In the rush of everyday living, we forget to live. We are breathing but are emotionless. We hurt others and walk away. With words we abuse. We ignore the hurt we have caused to others. If we realise, we do not want to apologise. Its time to instil empathy in our future generation.

These are attributes of great leaders. They would not make your child “soft” but strong from within to lead with confidence, win people’s hearts and emerge a true winner in life.


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