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10 Ways To Strengthen The Bond With Your Child

In this fast paced world, it is easy to lose connect with those we love the most –  our kids. We get you helpful ways to build stronger bond with your child.

#1 Carve out some talk time

At the breakfast table, at bedtime, dinner time, make it a part of your routine to connect and talk. Talk about anything at all, so long you communicate, it works well.

My City Woman's parenting tips to strengthen your bond with your children#2 Listen well

Your child may not be necessarily looking for answers from you for his problems. He may be just confiding. Allow that to happen. Give open ended suggestions or give them choices that makes them think. The child will feel secure and confident in your company and will be willing to talk more.


#3 Plan play dates together

When you get time over weekends, try going for long drives, go swimming if you like, a boat club maybe. Look for areas of common interest or something that means a lot to your child.


#4 Cook together

With slightly older kids you can cook breakfast or even lunch over a weekend. Involve your child. It’s a great stress buster and is a great idea to bond together.

My City Woman's blog on how spending quality time with kids helps to increase bonding

#5 Read together

Reading too is an awesome way to bond with your child. Read to your child, if the child is older you can even discuss the best or worst part of the book. This opens up the child and creates a free environment in the house.


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