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10 Things Women Need To STOP Doing Today To Feel Better

As a wife, mother, daughter-in-law, daughter, career-woman  and so many others roles a woman dons in her lifetime, there are things she has to STOP doing completely to better her own life and feel more human. I can list out at least a 100 things but let me tell you all my top 10 for a start!

  1. STOP feeling guilty for leaving your child at the day care for your career. Doesn’t help.
  1. STOP trying to get everyone to be happy. This even God cannot do!

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  1. STOP doing everything for others in the family. You cannot hold yourself accountable for getting everything perfectly laid out for everyone. Let them space to do their own things to be more independent.


  1. STOP feeling bad for asking for help from others -husband, kids, maids, peers at work anyone who can do a certain job for you without going out of their way. For instance, ASK your husband to pick up the grocery on the way from office. ASK your kids to put the toys away before sleep-time at night. Shouldn’t hurt right?


  1. STOP trying to control everything around you. Be it a stay at home mom or a career woman, anyone can face challenges on certain days – You may miss checking if your child has completed the home assignment and it may not be done for all you know. Things happen and you may not be able to hold it all together on certain days. IT IS OKAY!


  1. STOP feeling guilty for taking time out for yourself. I know it feels guilty to leave your kids behind for spending an hour at the Spa. Do it anyways if you need it.


  1. STOP thinking that you have “sacrificed” your career for your kids. It adds to your mental baggage and makes your kids feel miserable. What needs to be done, has to be done. It is okay too!


  1. STOP pitying yourself that you have nothing to do “sitting at home”! My dear, take a paper and a pen and write down 10 things that make you happy. Then do it!


  1. STOP whiling away your time surfing online shopping portals. It kills time and money too!


  1. STOP obsessing yourself with your weight. What matters most is to be healthy and fit and then work towards it. Cribbing doesn’t help!


Live free, live happy!

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