10 Business Ideas That Work Well For Women

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1. Baking Classes – If you are a professional baker, you would have been already doing it! For those who just love to bake(read passion), you could enrol for a professional class and learn the tricks of the trade. There is a lot of demand for preservative free, organic, gluten free cookies and cakes. You could again use social media to reach out, advertise in the local papers, send out flyers to get business. You could also talk to the local grocery seller to keep your stuff and see if you could sell on a regular basis with them after gauging the response. Never reject an idea without trying it!

My City Woman's blog on business ideas for housewife
Baking Classes

2. Cookery Classes –  If you have a passion for cooking and think you can spend a lot of time churning out awesome food, this one is for you. Catering to a small gathering of people, rolling out menus for breakfast and dinner are the way forwards. Do not hesitate to hone your culinary skill in case you want to for a specific cuisine.

My City Woman's blog on cookery classes by women entrepreneurs
Cooking Classes

3. Photography – Pre/Post wedding shoots, birthdays and anniversaries are just some of the occasion s where people look for photographers. if you have an inclination towards it, maybe you could get yourself a small course to get yourself learn the basics better. This would give your confidence a boost as well. Learning the ropes is just one part to it. These days, the social media gives a lot of scope to reach out and get yourself work. For instance, create a face book page, invite your friends to like it. Create your instagram profile, provide regular updates. You could also hold small contests and offer to get their pictures clicked at a discount or even as a freebie- there is no better publicity better that word of mouth. Be prepared to step out to fulfil your assignments (like late evening parties) and make sure you have the necessary support at home to be able to take it up as a profession.

My City Woman's blog on photography as business for women

4. Birthday Planner – This one is catching up fast, especially in big cities. People want to celebrate their kids birthday’s with a lot of enthusiasm and want every detail to be worked out well -right from invitation cards, balloon decoration, face painting/nail art sessions, detailed attention to the cake, event host to keep the guests and kids entertained, return gifts to name only a few. If you are good at managing the details and are a patient listener, ability to understand the client’s needs and  customise accordingly, this could be your calling.

My City Woman's blog on event planning as business for women
Birthday Planner

5. Bespoke Art & Craft Accessories – Many women are gifted with this skill to creating something artistic out of nothing. Creating a souvenir, scrapbook of wonderful memories with near and dear ones, a themed decor for your kids room, repurposing the old wine bottles/mason jars are just some of the things that can be taken up. One can take baby steps into it and slowly offer friends/friends of friends such services. Again social media platforms like facebook and instagram can help you reach out the larger client base.

My City Woman's blog on bespoke art as business for women
Bespoke Art & Craft Accessories

6. Tailoring Services – If you are skilled in this field or have some passion for garment designs, this could be an area to explore. An upcoming trend is to tie up with the tailors/boutiques in the locality and provide the door to door service right from taking the measurements to delivering the final product. This is a lucrative field, however, one has to be able to manage very stiff timelines and the quality/fit  of the final outfit has to be impeccable to be able to demand a premium.

My City Woman's blog on tailoring services as business for women
Tailoring services

6. Recruitment Consultant More women are employed as recruitment consultant than you think. The nature of the job makes it easier for (stay at home moms) SAHM to manage the work seamlessly.

My City Woman's blog on women starting recruitment consultancy business
Recruitment services

7. Yoga/Fitness Instructor If yoga/fitness is something you love, you might consider taking it up professionally. It would require you to get the necessary certifications from recognised institutions.  Its well paying offering immense scope of time flexibility. You are likely to be busy in certain hours of the day leaving the rest of the day to manage family affairs. Sure the path is long but it could be a very satisfying profession.

My City Woman's blog on women being fitness instructor
Fitness Instructor

8. Blogging- It’s a new age profession really. With the arrival of smart phones, our lives have changed like never before. People want to read on the go. It gives easy access to information and numerous sites have come up with apps to have you engaged. Blogging can be a very satisfying profession. If you have a good hold over your language, can think clearly and express yourself with precision, this one really can be take up full time. Not only does it give you flexibility in terms of work hours, you can also choose how much work you want to take up. The flip side is that sometimes you have to drag yourself to write to complete an assignment when the topic might not challenge you that much or if its just not your best day! One needs to be definitely self motivated to be able to carry on. The appreciation you receive can be very gratifying.

My City Woman's ideas on how blogging can be a good business for women

9. Website Designing- This one will never go out of fashion. If you have a background in computer science or some prior experience in this field , you can take it up as a freelancer. However, its not as difficult to learn it up as well. If you are technically inclined and want to learn something new, you may look at doing a short term course to get a background. You can open a small enterprise offering website development enploying a few qualified guys. Your homework will help you understand the client requirement and manage the firm with confidence.

My City Woman's blog on website designing as business for women
Website designing

10. Logo/Graphic Designing A logo is the face of the firm. It gives a professional touch to your enterprise. All new start ups need it. If you have a prior background in it, this can be pursued on a freelance basis. you could consider tying up with a website design firm as well to get more clientèle.

My City Woman's blog on logo designing as business for women
Logo designing

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