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10 Most Annoying Business Jargons

Corporate world can be a strange place to be in sometimes. Bosses and even peers many a times use these pointless high sounding words that makes them look intelligent. These jargons are often meaningless in the context used – are annoying, irritating and empty to say the least.  We de-code them for you!

#1 Strategic decision making

In the name of God, whatever it means! It essentially means a decision that impacts the firm’s long term goals but used very loosely by managers all the time to mean decision making.

#2 Core competency

It means a person’s fundamental strength.

#3 Low hanging fruit

One of the often used business jargons – It means easy to achieve results with minimum efforts

#4 Deep dive

This is a strong contender to win the award for the most annoying business jargon of the year! It simply means – Get to the details of the issue or project.

#5 Business process re-engineering

Re-engineer the process to make it more efficient

#6 Gain traction

This term is used metaphorically, in the sense of something gaining more acceptance or popularity

#7 Reinventing the wheel

Finding innovative method to something that has already been done before by others.

#8 Actionable Items –

This one really churns the stomach; It means things awaiting resolution.

#9 Think out of the box

Basically means get creative solution to resolve issues.

#10 Leverage

Used to mean how a situation or even knowledge can be manipulated or controlled. As in “Leverage the existing knowledge to come up with innovating resolution to the problem”

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