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My City Woman's blog on how-to-research-the-market-you-want-to-enter

How To Research the Market You Want To Enter

So you got a perfect business plan with you… you are passionate about the idea and convinced that it would work. In times like these where digital media marketing, social ...
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My City Woman's blog on how-to-restore-your-body-post-karwachauth-fast

How To Restore Your Body Post The Karwachauth Fast

Karwachauth is celebrated by married Hindu and Sikh women for the long and healthy life of their husband. The festival entails women to fast without food and water from daybreak ...
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My City Woman's blog on karwachauth-should-you-fast-for-your-husband

“Karwachauth” – Should You Fast For Your Husband

We live in a world where everything is scrutinised with suspicion. Media, people, corporates everyone vies for attention - to their point of view, product and belief. And each one ...
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My City Woman's blog on how to Market Your Business effectively

Are You Doing Enough To Market Your Business?

Businesses big or small need an effective marketing support. It would help you reach a wider clientele and push your business ahead. Lay Down Your Strategy Whether you are using ...
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My City Woman's blog on -what-is-your-calling

What’s Your Calling?

Every person is gifted in this world with a skill or knowledge. Everyone has the capability to rise above the ordinary and claim what is truly their territory. In a ...
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My City Woman's blog on being-an-imperfect-parent

Being An “Imperfect” Parent

This blog is not about preaching how to be a perfect parent. It is about learning to adapt our parenting style to our child's needs and giving them a childhood ...
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My City Woman's blog on how-women-may-have-amazing-ideas-for-scalable-business-solutions

How Women May Have Amazing Ideas For Scalable Business Solutions

Ironical as it may sound, women are in a better position to have ideas that make for sound business solutions. It is a profound statement to make- how does this ...
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My City Woman's blog on hurdles-women-entrepreneurs-need-to-win-over

Hurdles Women Entrepreneurs Need To Win Over

Women entrepreneurs have come a long way - they are running ventures from bio technology to the new age e-commerce companies. Yet, they are far behind their male counterparts and ...
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My City Woman's blog on Befits of using-a-dishwasher

Myths, Facts And Benefits Of Using A Dishwasher

Less than 0.5 % of the Indian households use a dishwasher. This is abysmal given is utility. While most household moved to using a washing machine about 15 years back, ...
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My City Woman - Ami Savla Founder at Socialize Store
Ami Savla
Trainer / Socialize Store

Ami Savla - Trainer at Socialize Store

It is a great platform for Creative and Passionate Women Entrepreneurs to get featured and get noticed. She also shares some wonderful information for woman on the portal which can help women grow her knowledge base.

My City Woman-MINK Dry Cleaning Service
Ashish Tayal
Owner / MINK

Ashish Tayal - Owner at MINK

Loved the articles by My City Woman written for MINK. So precise, so crisp and to the point. Got lot of appreciation from our followers as well. On top of that, got some great info from her blog and article which helped me making connections with potential alliances for my business.

Women Entrepreneurs Leading The Way....

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My City Woman's entrepreneurial story on Red Polka Founder Vishakha SIngh Vishakha Singh, Founder and CEO

About Red Polka was started in Jan 2015 with an aim provide a common e-commerce platform for home grown designers and women shoppers who are on a look out ...
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My City Woman's story on Rakhee Gupta founder of Image & Etiquette Consultant LLP

Rakhee Gupta – Founder of Image & Etiquette Consultant LLP

About Rakhee Rakhee Gupta is a trained Image Consultant from India and an International Etiquette Consultant from UK. She has also trained children on posture and poise for the India ...
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My City Woman's story on Ritu Gorai founder of SNS

Ritu Gorai- Community Owner at Speed Networking Sutra (SNS)

About Ritu Gorai: Ritu is a new age entrepreneur. She leads a no-nonsense support network on Whatsapp and Facebook called JAMM's (Journey about Mast Mom's) and SNS (Speed Networking Sutra) ...
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My City Woman's story on Niloufer Wadia's entrepreneurial journey

Niloufer Wadia – Illustration Artist

About Niloufer Niloufer is a advertising professional turned independent illustration artist. She also does illustrations for children’s books and book covers, digital vector illustration for micro image sites, painting and ...
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My City Woman's coverage of Moresha Benjamin's inspirational story

Moresha Benjamin – Owner at Moe’s Bed & Biscuits

About Moe’s Bed & Biscuits: Moe's Bed & Biscuits offers pet home boarding, pet sitting and dog walking services. She fosters all animals except cats and kittens due to allergies ...
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My City Woman's coverage of Ami Savla's inspirational story

Ami Savla – Founder at Socialize Store

About Socialize Store Socialize Store is a social media training initiative founded by Ami Savla exclusively for women entrepreneurs. It aims to help women get social media savvy and offers ...
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