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Deepali Phadnis-My City Woman's story on Founder Mrs India Paegent

Mrs India Pageant- Founder Deepali Phadnis

Deepali Phadnis-Founder Mrs India Pageant Tell us something about yourself- I am live and let live kind of person who believes everyone should live life on own condition. I am ...
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My City Woman's story on Swati Das Founder of Headturner Makeovers

Swati Pandit Das-Founder at Head Turner Makeovers (Professional Make-up Artist and Hairstylist)

Swati Pandit Das-Founder of HeadTurner Makeovers About Swati Swati Das is a Professional Make-up Artist and Hairstylist. She quit her corporate career to follow her passion for makeup and launched ...
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My City Woman's story on Amessha_Prabhu-CEO at TRRAIN

Ameesha Prabhu – CEO at TRRAIN

Amessha Prabhu-CEO at TRRAIN About Ameesha Prabhu: Ameesha Prabhu – the CEO at TRRAIN (Trust for Retailers & Retail Associates of India) shares her leadership and success mantra. With over ...
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Shalini & Teju - Founder of Early Foods- story by my city woman

Early Foods – Shalini Santhosh

Shalini Santhosh- Founder of Early Foods About the venture: Early Foods is a venture born out of need to provide wholesome nutrition to expecting mothers and young infants. In this ...
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My City Woman's entrepreneurial story on Red Polka Founder Vishakha SIngh Vishakha Singh, Founder and CEO

Vishakha SIngh – Founder of About Curated designs available at Red Polka Red Polka was started in Jan 2015 with an aim provide a common e-commerce platform for  home ...
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My City Woman's story on Rakhee Gupta founder of Image & Etiquette Consultant LLP

Rakhee Gupta – Founder of Image & Etiquette Consultant LLP

Rakhee Gupta – Founder of Image & Etiquette Consultant LLP About Rakhee Rakhee Gupta is a trained Image Consultant from India and an International Etiquette Consultant from UK. She has ...
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My City Woman's blog on true essence of International Women's day

Thoughts this International Women’s Day

Another year and we have another International Women’s day coming up on March 8th. I do not understand the meaning, rather the purpose of celebrating these days year after year ...
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My City Woman's Blog on finding unique baby names

What’s in a name – Quest for unique baby names

Birth of a child is a joyous occasion for any family. It is the time to celebrate the arrival of the new member of the family. With this, there is ...
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My City Woman's blog on why we feel disengaged with life

Feeling Disengaged With Life?

Life plays truant all the time, when you think you are on top of your game, here’s what you begin to feel- I cannot relate to this anymore. I cannot ...
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My City Woman's blog on adverse effects of sharing your kids pictures online.

Think before posting your kids pictures online!

How many times has it happened to you that a friend of yours tags you on a picture and you just hate it! You just want to disown and delete ...
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My City Woman's tips on how-to-boost-your-childs-immunity

How To Build Your Child’s Immunity

Falling sick is a process by which our body develops its immune system. A natural process will take its course but as parents we can do a lot to boost ...
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My City Woman's blog on keep-your-kids-engaged-this-diwali-vacation

Keep Your Kids Engaged This Diwali Vacation

Diwali vacation has begun in most schools and parents are already worrying on how to keep the kids busy and engaged all this time. Television is a total fun spoiler ...
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My City Woman's blog on how-to-build-a-strong-and-secure-bond-with-your-child

How to build a strong and secure bond with your child

Your little small baby that you hold so close to your heart will one day grow up into a fine adult! As kids grow, their circle of influence and friends ...
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My City Woman's blog on how-to-improve-your-childs-attention-span

How To Improve Your Child’s Attention Span

In today’s modern life, there is just so much of distraction around for everyone- parents as well as kids. Coupled with that, electronic devices like i-pads, television and x-boxes just ...
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My City Woman's blog on how-to-research-the-market-you-want-to-enter

How To Research the Market You Want To Enter

So you got a perfect business plan with you… you are passionate about the idea and convinced that it would work. In times like these where digital media marketing, social ...
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My City Woman's blog on how-to-restore-your-body-post-karwachauth-fast

How To Restore Your Body Post The Karwachauth Fast

Karwachauth is celebrated by married Hindu and Sikh women for the long and healthy life of their husband. The festival entails women to fast without food and water from daybreak ...
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My City Woman - Ami Savla Founder at Socialize Store
Ami Savla
Trainer / Socialize Store

Ami Savla - Trainer at Socialize Store

It is a great platform for Creative and Passionate Women Entrepreneurs to get featured and get noticed. She also shares some wonderful information for woman on the portal which can help women grow her knowledge base.

My City Woman-MINK Dry Cleaning Service
Ashish Tayal
Owner / MINK

Ashish Tayal - Owner at MINK

Loved the articles by My City Woman written for MINK. So precise, so crisp and to the point. Got lot of appreciation from our followers as well. On top of that, got some great info from her blog and article which helped me making connections with potential alliances for my business.